Our Datacenter

The data center is protected against data theft, data failure or data corruption caused as a result of environmental influences by a comprehensive security concept.

This is attested through TÜV certification from TÜV Saarland, a German provider of technical safety certificates, which also includes the principles and requirements of BSI IT Grundschutz, BITKOM and ISO 27001 and ISO 27002. To operate the data centers we put our trust in energy efficiency and use 100% green energy.

The high-capacity backbone with multiple redundant direct network connection offers with 120 Gbit modulators reliable availability.


Besides a stable and failure-free infrastructure we also offer state-of-the-art monitoring systems. Our entire business-critical IT infrastructure is administered and checked using monitoring systems that are fit for purpose. On top of that all critical internal areas are monitored by security cameras. At any given point in time all essential components and critical values can thus be checked on site in minute detail – from the power supply and cooling right down to security and functionality of the IT systems.

Numerous system-specific and organisational measures have been implemented to prevent fire hazards or to stop a potential fire from spreading. The data centres are equipped, amongst other things, with fire alarm systems and early fire detection systems on ceilings and floors coupled with a direct link to the local fire brigade, smoke alarms as well as camera-based early fire detection.

Our hosting and collocation customers benefit from extensive alarm systems and security arrangements, implemented to ensure the safety of both hardware and data in the best possible way. Entrances and server rooms are monitored by CCTV 24 hours a day on 365 days a year. A modern access control system ensures that only persons that are authorised to do so can enter. In addition, regular control inspections are carried out.

  • stable, fail-safe infrastructure
  • comprehensive fire protection measures
  • modern access control and camera surveillance
  • TÜV Approved Data Center Level 2 tekPlus in accordance with ISO 27001 and ISO 27002


The network infrastructure of the racks is set up following stringent security guidelines.Each server rack is directly connected to the core network.So that a distinct physical separation can of the individual data streams can also be achieved, separate networks for backups and the respective server and cluster systems were created additionally. With the aid of a permanent monitoring of the individual network segments it is for instance possible to detect DoS attacks immediately and to isolate the respective network areas without delay.

In the server’s core area we use exclusively quality hardware from the market leader, Cisco, which stands up to even the greatest service demands.The flat network hierarchy ensures optimal latency and performance capacity. Through the redundant use of the router we are enhancing system stability of the central network components. An optimised arrangement of uplinks guarantees a usable bandwidth.

With a 80 gigabit external connection the data centre has a powerful, multiple redundant internet backbone. Our network connection is made up of direct connections with DE-CIX, euNetworks, B-CIX, Cogent, Core Backbone and Vodafone and with the largest Tier 1 exchange carrier in the world, Level 3. Various national and international peerings to carriers such as Telefonica, Telia, Cogent, Telekom Austria, Russian Telekom, Vodafone, Kabel Deutschland and many more ensure that the data is always on the fastest route to the destination. Thanks to the multiple carrier connections we achieve maximal network connection availability and system stability in our data centres, because data transmission can, in case of one carrier channel experiencing problems or failing, be routed and transmitted via an alternative exchange carrier channel.

With the development of the Internet and the resulting coupling of various types of devices, the number of needed IP addresses rises, while the existing IP addresses are utilized. Since the usual IP addresses with IPv4 standard have already been exhausted, they are extended by the IPv6 address space. Also Keyweb has adapted its hosting lines accordingly and can execute a smooth transition for you. All offers of Keyweb AG support the new protocol and all customer sites are still additionally accessible in IPv4. Hence, a smooth transition to the larger address space of IPv6 is ensured.
Your benefits:
– Larger address range
– Faster publication of the IPv6 addresses

  • 120 GBit multiredundant backbone network
  • Switche and router from the market leader Cisco
  • flat network hierarchy for optimal latency and performance
  • best possible interpretation of the uplinks allows guaranteed usable bandwidth

Power Supply

The infrastructure of the electricity supply for our data centres has been designed in such a way that even in emergencies we can guarantee the highest IT system stability thanks to continuous electricity supplies to our data centres. To this end all racks are protected with 16 amps and are connected to two separate and independent electric circuits (a+b).

To ensure the power supply of the data centre and safeguard against any potential interruptions to the power supply high-performance UPS systems come into play, which feature high power quality, effectiveness and redundancy.

The UPS systems are backed up by Deutz diesel generators.In the event of an external power cut the generators spring into action within a few seconds delivering a peak performance of 500 kVA and take over the power supply of the data centre until normal electricity supply is restored.

We operate an environmentally friendly and CO2-neutral hosting. We use 100% green power produced from hydropower to run the data center. From an ecological point of view this type of renewable energy is regarded as one of the most eco-friendly options of sourcing electricity.

  • two independent power circuits (a + b)
  • Systems for interruption-free power supply (UPS)
  • Diesel generators for emergency power supply
  • exclusively 100% green electricity

Air Condition

For the cooling of our data centres we bank on the air conditioning systems from quality manufacturer RC Group. The model range MAXIMO represents chillers with free cooling to use outside air as cooling medium. These highly efficient systems are the most energy-saving and hence most environmentally friendly systems on the market. The free cooling of these chiller was first developed by RC Group in the seventies and the current version is the result of the experience of 30 years in this segment. Just by using this type of air conditioning reduces energy costs by 45%.

For the trouble-free operation of the Keyweb data centres exact climatic conditions are a must in order to safeguard high operational reliability. For this reason we use only the latest precision cooling cabinets. They regulate temperature and humidity in tight tolerance ranges, thereby creating optimal conditions for our server rooms. Thanks to free-running rear-curved ventilators we are able to reduce energy consumption by 30 %. Adding EC fans further reduces electricity consumption by up to 65 % in comparison with using a three phase motor.

The principle of cold and warm cycles means that the cooling cycles in the immediate vicinity of the server can circulate with optimal efficiency. To achieve this not all servers are facing in the same direction. Instead cycles alternate, either on the front or the rear. Separating the cold and warm air flows results in a more efficient air conditioning, as now not the entire ambient air in the room but only the warm air flows have to be cooled. The result is a further cut in energy consumption. The use of cold aisle containment and dual flooring in addition prevents warm ambient air from entering any cycles.

The technical equipment and servers in our data centres are well-maintained and protected by taking the appropriate precautionary measures. The primary cooling infrastructure is N+1 redundant and is linked to the management facilities of the data centres. This way we can guarantee a stable climate cycle at all times.

  • N + 1redundante cooling infrastructure
  • Precision climate control of the new generation
  • Principle of cold / warm courses
  • environmentally friendly and energy-saving climate systems